Australian Institute of Narrative Care

The Australian Institute for Narrative Care visualises a community of healthy and resilient families and family members, empowered to minimise the detrimental causes and effects of extreme distress.

Narrative Care is a therapeutic approach focused on treating trauma and stressor related disorders and conditions, through the skilful and caring reformation of personal verbal, written and lived accounts.

The Australian Institute for Narrative Care therefore studies the neurobiology and therapeutic value of verbal, written and lived accounts in response to traumatic and stressor related events and conditions.

The Australian Institute for Narrative Care also provides and promotes services for families and family members suffering from extreme distress.

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Offering different membership plans, you are able to choose the right path that suits you, your family, or company.


We aim to help our clients develop resilience and to empower them to effectively minimise stress in their lives.


We provide Certificate Courses in Narrative Care for practitioners who are keen to join our mission.