Caring Communication for Couples

You are cordially invited to attend the next presentation of this very important relationship enrichment workshop!

Our bodies tend to respond both to how we behave and feel. The way our bodes respond, again, has an impact on our emotions, behaviour and relationships. If a large percentage of the words and phrases we as couples use, are critical comments about each other's behaviour and emotions, our relationships will soon be in big trouble.

During the Caring Communication for Couples workshop, we therefore focus on empowering couples with a number of communication skills that will not only help them resolve their stress as individuals and conflict as couples, but will also enrich their relationships.

As Family Therapist, I want to personally invite you to this very important workshop. I believe it is critically important that every couple should understand, amongst others, how the way we talk triggers stress, which again impacts the quality of our relationships, marriages, families, work relationships, and even our physical and spiritual health.

The information shared in this seminar is well researched and evidence based.

Who Should Attend?

If you are in a relationship as a couple, you will certainly benefit from this workshop!


Dr Johann Eloff sr - Read more!

Times, Dates, Locations

For your convenience, this workshop is presented in 2 modules (90 min per module). These modules are presented on one day, a romantic breakfast included.


The workshop will cost $50 per couple per module, 'romantic breakfast' included - Read more!


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